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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
VPX CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDVPX CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDLaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002008A company that performs a wide range of civil engineering and construction work, such as construction management of civil engineering works. In residential construction, we are consistently engaged in the design and construction of detached houses, and also support renovation. In addition, he has a track record in the construction of hospitals and elementary schools.
INSI DEVELOPMENT CONSTRUCTLON SOLE CO., LTDINSI DEVELOPMENT CONSTRUCTLON SOLE CO., LTDLaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002018We are engaged in the processing of construction and civil engineering materials, and the design and construction of plant equipment. In addition, he also designs and constructs new construction and renovation work of houses.
R & D DEVELOPER SOLFWARE TEAMS SOLE CO.,LTDR & D DEVELOPER SOLFWARE TEAMS SOLE CO.,LTDLaosProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services< 1M<= 1002014It is a company that provides technical and human resources support to provide companies with technologies such as machine design and software development. In addition, he also engages in product inspection and distribution processing, consulting on quality control and product development.
TECHNICAL LANGUAGE ASSOCIATESTECHNICAL LANGUAGE ASSOCIATESLaosInformation< 1M<= 1002009Provide services such as development and design of computer software, implementation support and dispatch of system engineers. It also provides translation services that span the entire country.
INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION CONSULTING CO.,LTDINTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION CONSULTING CO.,LTDLaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002012We are engaged in construction management work such as civil engineering, architecture, and construction work. We also provide consulting services for government offices related to the sale of land and buildings. In addition, he also conducts surveys and research on the natural environment.
PARK AND PARTNER CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDPARK AND PARTNER CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDLaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002017Mainly engaged in public civil engineering such as road renovation work and sand control work. In addition, it also supports slope construction and formwork work.
IN LOVEIN LOVELaosProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services< 1M<= 1002011It is a company that conducts business such as wedding business and staff development as a leisure business. The IT business includes dispatching engineers for web production and system development, and tourism businesses such as travel agency operations.
PMS CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDPMS CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDLaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002014We are engaged in the steel frame industry and the manufacture of building materials for retaining walls. It also supports civil engineering foundation work.
SONG TIMESONG TIMELaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002008He conducts public works such as road renovation work and civil engineering design and construction. In addition, he is engaged in the planning and development of wood products sales as a real estate business.
SA LEE LOVESA LEE LOVELaosInformation< 1M<= 1002016A company that conducts mail order business using the Internet and operating a travel agency business. In addition to dispatching workers and IT engineers, we also develop human resource development projects such as group companies.
SPECIAL ENGINEERING SOLE CO.,LTDSPECIAL ENGINEERING SOLE CO.,LTDLaos33 - Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery, Computer & Electronic Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component, Transportation Equipment, Furniture & Related Products, Miscellaneous< 1M<= 1002012Mainly engaged in the manufacture of ship and civil engineering machinery. In addition, he also handles welding operations such as ship manufacturing.
SAM SUNG CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDSAM SUNG CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDLaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002014We undertake foundation work and formwork for buildings such as wooden houses. In addition, the company also manufactures woodworking products for construction.
RIVER WORK SURVEY-DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISERIVER WORK SURVEY-DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISELaosProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services< 1M<= 1002009Engage in construction consulting and compensation consulting. It also conducts surveying operations such as reference point surveying and route surveying, and civil engineering design such as road and river design.
PENINSULA ENGINEERING CO.,LTDPENINSULA ENGINEERING CO.,LTDLaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002012We undertake civil engineering works such as port and facility construction, formwork work, and retaining wall construction. In addition, he also manufactures civil engineering machinery.
E NNOVATIVE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS.E NNOVATIVE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS.LaosProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services< 1M<= 1002013Conduct research and development of laboratory equipment for research and development. We also undertake contract operations such as research, development, and quality control of laboratory equipment. He also develops software for scientific and technical calculation, computer operation management, and environmental technology consulting.
K & C QUALITY CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDK & C QUALITY CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDLaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002012A company that conducts research and development, manufacturing, and sales of construction materials such as anchor bolts, steel bundles, and cable joint ditches. In addition, he is engaged in construction management of civil engineering works.
JAPAN TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION CO., LTDJAPAN TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION CO., LTDLaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002011In addition to the design and construction management of building renovation work, he also handles construction supervision. It also supports various application tasks related to the construction of buildings.
ATELIERS OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTUREATELIERS OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURELaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002010He mainly designs and supervises buildings, landscaping, civil engineering, and so on. We also support space design for events, festivals, exhibitions, etc. In addition, we also undertake the design of furniture and garden products.
REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE OF HYDRO ENGINEERING CO.,LTDREPRESENTATIVE OFFICE OF HYDRO ENGINEERING CO.,LTDLaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002009A company that engages in building design, construction supervision, and environmental consulting services. In addition to planning and investigating urban development, he also plans, designs, and supervises general civil engineering and construction work. We also provide environmental consulting such as waste treatment and soil improvement related to water purification.
SANYOU DEVELOPMENT CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDSANYOU DEVELOPMENT CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTDLaosConstruction< 1M<= 1002017We undertake rebar work in civil engineering and construction work. In addition, he also works on formwork.