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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
CENTURY SCALESCENTURY SCALESPhilippinesSemiconductor Machinery Manufacturing< 1M<= 100It is mainly engaged in the manufacture, wholesale and repair of industrial equipment and electronic equipment. He also handles a wide range of operations related to chemical products such as solvents, paints, and adhesives. In addition, we are engaged in the development of energy-saving products and the sale of used equipment that considers environmental issues.
METAL ENTERPRISESMETAL ENTERPRISESPhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700We undertake the design and manufacture of industrial machinery, and handle stamping, welding, and prototyping. As a manufacturing division, we also process various steel products such as building hardware, building materials, and civil engineering products. As a development division, the company also operates a property insurance agency business.
JN DRESSED CHICKENJN DRESSED CHICKENPhilippinesFurniture Stores> 100M> 700We are engaged in sewing and processing women's clothing such as jackets, coats, and shirts. It also supports remakes and tailor-made items. In addition, we also sell T-shirts and cut saws on the web.
ABUNDANS INC.ABUNDANS INC.PhilippinesConstruction Machinery Manufacturing> 100M> 700Mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of building materials such as roofing materials and waterproofing materials. He also engages in real estate sales and management consulting.
CAMPBELL INDUSTRIAL SALESCAMPBELL INDUSTRIAL SALESPhilippinesConstruction Machinery Manufacturing> 100M> 700Design, manufacture, and sell agricultural and industrial machinery. He also sells gardening products such as fertilizer and pesticides. In addition, we develop software to support the work of farmers.
SQ MAGIS INC.SQ MAGIS INC.PhilippinesKnit Fabric Mills> 100M> 700We manufacture and wholesale yarns, and also handle anti-wool, urethane, and konjac. In addition, we also undertake processing of clothing such as textiles. It also operates a mail order site under the name “Karuya Net”.
ROLL 'N DOUGH BAKERY COMPANYROLL 'N DOUGH BAKERY COMPANYPhilippinesCheese Manufacturing> 100M> 700The company sells bread made with natural yeast, such as butter rolls and campagne. It is characterized by the fact that raw materials such as brown rice and germ raw are used properly. In addition, he handles fruit sandwiches and chocolate corone.
DAYFA FASHION ACCESSORIESDAYFA FASHION ACCESSORIESPhilippinesClothing Accessories Stores> 100M> 700We manufacture and sell women's fashion bags and miscellaneous goods, and wholesale to department stores. In addition, we are developing our own brand “no quiet”.
LUCKY BLUE DESIGN CORP.LUCKY BLUE DESIGN CORP.PhilippinesFootwear Manufacturing> 100M> 700A company that plans and manufactures products such as bags, wallets, and miscellaneous goods using plastic as raw materials. We also use our own fabrics and fabrics to produce various products. In addition, he is also engaged in the mail order of its own products.
ORGANIC AND NATURAL SKINCARE INC.ORGANIC AND NATURAL SKINCARE INC.PhilippinesStationery Product Manufacturing> 100M> 700A company that manufactures and sells cosmetics with a focus on plant-derived ingredients. We also sell skin care products for sensitive skin such as dry skin and blemishes. Cosmetics are sold in online shops and handling stores nationwide.
ELIZABETH CHAVEZELIZABETH CHAVEZPhilippinesInterior Design Services> 100M> 700From design and design to construction of architecture, civil engineering, and public works. In addition, he manufactures dental technicians and crafts such as dentures and metal fittings, and manages group companies.
KEY MULTI-INDUSTRIES, INC.KEY MULTI-INDUSTRIES, INC.PhilippinesHardware Manufacturing> 100M> 700Mainly engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of crime prevention systems and security products. In addition, we also handle business management of door group companies.
ONE-KING HARDWAREONE-KING HARDWAREPhilippinesHardware Manufacturing> 100M> 700Manufacture, wholesale, and sales of building hardware. He also works on steel structures.
LOG-ON GENERAL MERCHANDISELOG-ON GENERAL MERCHANDISEPhilippinesWood Preservation> 100M> 700In addition to processing and selling wood products, he also handles transportation of general cargo by truck. It also provides storage services in warehouses.
SIGNAL ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES, INC.SIGNAL ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES, INC.PhilippinesSemiconductor Machinery Manufacturing> 100M> 700The company designs, manufactures, and wholesales electrical machinery and equipment such as communication equipment. In addition, we also undertake electrical equipment construction.
AGG ENTERPRISEAGG ENTERPRISEPhilippinesTravel Agencies> 100M> 700Engines the engineering of construction and industrial machinery. In addition, we also undertake robot welding and driving. In addition, the company operates a driving agency for heavy equipment, and dispatching workers to factories and warehouses.
THE CIRCULAR FURNITURE SHOPTHE CIRCULAR FURNITURE SHOPPhilippinesFurniture Stores> 100M> 700We design, manufacture, and install custom-made furniture and storage furniture. We also undertake repair of furniture, and can be handled from small lots.
LUCKY CATLUCKY CATPhilippinesPet and Pet Supplies Stores10M - 100M500 - 700The company manufactures and sells pet food and pet supplies. In addition, the company also sells it on its own website.
CALIFORNIA CLOTHING, INCCALIFORNIA CLOTHING, INCPhilippinesClothing Accessories Stores> 100M> 700Manufacture and wholesale of men's clothing, mainly cut and sewn products. It is characterized by the fact that it also supports mass production such as sewing using industrial sewing machines and for thin-walled knitwear. In addition, it operates several directly managed stores.
TRIPLE FIVE CLOTHINGTRIPLE FIVE CLOTHINGPhilippinesFurniture Stores> 100M> 700We manufacture, sew and sell women's clothing, and can also be made to order. It also operates a clothing store.