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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
FORTUNE GENERAL INSURANCE CORPORATIONFORTUNE GENERAL INSURANCE CORPORATIONPhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700Consulting on insurance, such as credit checks of companies and company information. It also deals with the sale and rental of real estate, and the sale of casualty and life insurance. In addition, we also undertake the management of the company's buildings and interiors.
ALL STAR MULTI PARTSALL STAR MULTI PARTSPhilippinesStorage Units> 100M> 700Buy and sell real estate such as detached houses, condominiums, and land. In addition, he also handles real estate management and non-life insurance agency services. We also undertake mail order sales by telephone and fax.
SUNSHINE ENTERPRISESSUNSHINE ENTERPRISESPhilippinesReal Estate Credit> 100M> 700We provide consulting on inheritance and asset utilization, and purchase and sale of real estate. In addition, he is also engaged in the non-life insurance agency business and travel agency business.
COM-IND INSURANCE AGENCY COMPANYCOM-IND INSURANCE AGENCY COMPANYPhilippinesSales Financing< 1M> 700He deals with dealership services for casualty and life insurance. In addition to automobiles, we also handle fire insurance, liability insurance, and life insurance.
CLAIMS SERVICES INTL ADJUSTING CO INCCLAIMS SERVICES INTL ADJUSTING CO INCPhilippinesPayroll Services> 100M> 700It is a company that collects receivables and purchases receivables. We purchase receivables from consumer finance companies and medical institutions as collateral properties, and provide management and collection services for them. In addition to providing factoring services, the company also handles insurance on behalf of the company.
BEST FINANCIAL ASSETS INSURANCE AGENCY CORP.BEST FINANCIAL ASSETS INSURANCE AGENCY CORP.PhilippinesSales Financing1M - 5M> 700We operate an insurance agency and provide consultation on life insurance and property insurance. He also provides financial planning and brokerage of real estate leasing and buying and selling.
OLIVIAOLIVIAPhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700We are engaged in the wholesale and sale of civil engineering and construction materials, tools, stone, etc. In addition, the company also operates domestic and international travel agencies, and acts as an agent for property and casualty insurance.
RULE GENERAL MERCHANDISERULE GENERAL MERCHANDISEPhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700Planning, manufacturing, and sales of textile and garment products. In addition, he is engaged in the provision of real estate rental, management, and brokerage. In addition, we also undertake sales of casualty insurance and promotional goods.
RODRIGUEZ ENTERPRISESRODRIGUEZ ENTERPRISESPhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700Conduct business management of group companies. In addition, he is engaged in the operation of automobile maintenance and driving agency services, and sales of property and life insurance.
CAR BAY INSURANCE SERVICESCAR BAY INSURANCE SERVICESPhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700Sales of new and used cars. We also undertake vehicle inspections and statutory inspections. In addition, it also supports the sale of auto insurance, fire insurance, and property insurance.
ROBERT JAN TRADINGROBERT JAN TRADINGPhilippinesReal Estate CreditTrade in apparel products, shoes, cosmetics, and other items. In addition, we are developing a wide range of industries, including real estate sales and housing sales, building maintenance, land buying and selling, insurance agency, and manufacturing and sales of custom-made furniture.
STERLING INSURANCE COMPANY INCORPORATEDSTERLING INSURANCE COMPANY INCORPORATEDPhilippinesIndustrial Building Construction1M - 5M> 700Perform repair work and reinforcement work for concrete structures such as bridges and tunnels. In addition, he is engaged in the installation of sound barrier walls, installation of sound absorbing plates on the back side, protective fences, and construction of fences to prevent entry. It also supports inspection, diagnosis, and design of concrete structures such as bridges. Insures construction projects such as buildings, roads, bridges and other civil engineering projects against accidents resulting in loss or damage of works in progress, materials, construction equipment and machinery during the period of construction.<br>A contract of suretyship is an agreement whereby a party, called surety guarantees, the performance by another party, called the principal or obligator, of an obligation or undertaking in favor of a third party, called the obligee.<br>This insurance solution covers, losses that occur due to robbery within the premises, outside the premises and whilst the money, securities or payroll is in transit from the store to the bank and vice versa.
FRANN ILOILO BUILDERS CORP.FRANN ILOILO BUILDERS CORP.PhilippinesPortfolio Management5M - 10M> 700It is a holding company of the franchise chain “Ikoi-kan”. In addition to training and dispatching human resources, management consulting and management of restaurants and non-life insurance agencies.
TRADE RISK GUARANTY & INSURANCE AGENCY CORPORATIONTRADE RISK GUARANTY & INSURANCE AGENCY CORPORATIONPhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700Conduct credit checks and consulting on insurance. We undertake consultations on life insurance, property insurance, and corporate insurance. In addition to reviewing insurance, we also provide services such as risk management and insurance claims support.
SODA ENTERPRISESSODA ENTERPRISESPhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700Mainly engaged in the operation of gas stations, driving agency, and stamping services. In addition, he also manages the business of group companies that sell casualty and life insurance.
MASTER MULTI GRAIN CENTERMASTER MULTI GRAIN CENTERPhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700We are engaged in the transportation business of general cargo vehicles such as large trucks and medium-sized trucks. We also carry out storage, loading and unloading of cargo at our own warehouse. In addition, we also undertake sales of feed and fuel for livestock, and insurance agency services.
WORLD PARTNERS INSURANCE BROKERS, INC.WORLD PARTNERS INSURANCE BROKERS, INC.PhilippinesSales Financing> 100M> 700He deals with dealership services for casualty and life insurance. In addition to automobiles, we also handle fire insurance, liability insurance, and life insurance. World Partners Insurance Brokers, Inc.
FREN HOME BUILDERS COMMERCIAL CORPFREN HOME BUILDERS COMMERCIAL CORPPhilippinesConstruction Machinery Manufacturing1M - 5M> 700It is a company that mainly engages in real estate leasing business, and also sells custom-built houses and condominiums. In addition to this, the company also processes and sells wood and building materials. We also undertake construction business and casualty insurance agency business.
ADVANCE & PROTECT DENTAL CLINICADVANCE & PROTECT DENTAL CLINICPhilippinesDental Laboratories> 100M> 700It is a company that sells dental laboratory products, and also provides general guidance to dental clinics. Products handled include non-clasp dentures, all ceramics, metal floors, etc. It also sells insurance for dental technicians.
GOURMET OPTIONS INC.GOURMET OPTIONS INC.PhilippinesSecurities Brokerage> 100M> 700Contracting trade operations such as consumer finance finance, auto repair and insurance business, and building trade business.