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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION CORP.TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION CORP.PhilippinesIndustrial Building Construction> 100M> 700He is engaged in the general freight transport business, mainly for the transportation of building materials and temporary storage of vehicles at construction sites. It also conducts warehousing operations such as storage and management of goods, and sales of electricity by solar power generation.
VEGANKA TRADINGVEGANKA TRADINGPhilippinesSecurities Brokerage> 100M> 700Trade and sell real estate, such as land, housing, and stores. He also handles transportation business and construction of temporary offices. In addition, we also undertake investment consulting and sales promotion consulting.
SHOW-UP SALONSHOW-UP SALONPhilippinesBeauty Salons1M - 5M> 700Consistently perform from design to construction of new houses. In addition, it also operates relaxation salons and nail salons.
UPSTAIRS INNUPSTAIRS INNPhilippines> 100M> 700It is a company that conducts civil engineering work, construction work, and pipe work. It also manages hotels, inns, and restaurants. In addition, he also manages condominiums and business hotels.
ELIZABETH CHAVEZELIZABETH CHAVEZPhilippinesInterior Design Services> 100M> 700From design and design to construction of architecture, civil engineering, and public works. In addition, he manufactures dental technicians and crafts such as dentures and metal fittings, and manages group companies.
CHINA BANK SAVINGS INCCHINA BANK SAVINGS INCPhilippinesMarketing Consulting Services> 100M> 700A company that provides banking services such as establishing a local bank and guarantee business. In addition, he is engaged in the financial business of companies and individuals, and the management of group companies by holding shares and subsidiaries. In addition, he undertakes some of the businesses they are involved in, such as real estate related businesses and construction contractors.
SPACE AND STYLE FURNISHING AND INTERIORSSPACE AND STYLE FURNISHING AND INTERIORSPhilippinesInterior Design Services> 100M> 700Mainly engaged in the sale of furniture, lighting equipment and miscellaneous goods. In addition, he is also working on interior design of houses and so on.
ONE-KING HARDWAREONE-KING HARDWAREPhilippinesHardware Manufacturing> 100M> 700Manufacture, wholesale, and sales of building hardware. He also works on steel structures.
SIGNAL ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES, INC.SIGNAL ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES, INC.PhilippinesSemiconductor Machinery Manufacturing> 100M> 700The company designs, manufactures, and wholesales electrical machinery and equipment such as communication equipment. In addition, we also undertake electrical equipment construction.
AGG ENTERPRISEAGG ENTERPRISEPhilippinesTravel Agencies> 100M> 700Engines the engineering of construction and industrial machinery. In addition, we also undertake robot welding and driving. In addition, the company operates a driving agency for heavy equipment, and dispatching workers to factories and warehouses.
GOFACILITIES MANAGEMENT, INC.GOFACILITIES MANAGEMENT, INC.Philippines< 1M> 700Engines consulting for construction and operation of buildings and condominiums. In addition, he is responsible for the management of gas stations and warehouses as well as the operation of group companies. He is also involved in staffing and job introduction business.
ROCKWOOLROCKWOOLPhilippinesConstruction Machinery Manufacturing< 1M<= 100A company engaged in heat and cold insulation work, fireproof work, sanitizing work, and air conditioning equipment construction for houses and buildings. As a thermal insulation material, we design and sell foam urethane spraying heaters, glass wool spraying heaters, and other foam urethane spraying materials.
AUDIO DREAM LIGHTS AND SOUNDAUDIO DREAM LIGHTS AND SOUNDPhilippinesSound Recording Studios> 100M> 700The company sells sound equipment, and handles the design and construction of acoustic systems in stores and studios. He also produces acoustic images such as background music and sound logos. In addition, we undertake sales and installation of sound equipment, and planning and maintenance of acoustic systems.
SOUTHWEST GAS TRADING, INC.SOUTHWEST GAS TRADING, INC.PhilippinesIndustrial Gas Manufacturing< 1M> 700We sell LP gas for individuals and corporations, and fill high-pressure gas such as nitrogen and oxygen at the factory. In addition, we are engaged in the transportation of LP gas containers.
CRYSTAL WHITE FASHION HOUSECRYSTAL WHITE FASHION HOUSEPhilippinesIndustrial Building Construction> 100M> 700Mainly engaged in real estate sales, brokerage, and building management. He also designs and constructs wooden detached houses and condominiums, and renovates houses. In addition, we also operate guesthouses.
DOMESTIC TRADING CORPORATIONDOMESTIC TRADING CORPORATIONPhilippinesAdvertising Agencies1M - 5M> 700We provide services for international trade operations, and respond to related operations such as import and export declarations, settlements, and data entry. In addition to providing overseas expansion support for companies, he also engages in consulting on overseas real estate investment and overseas construction.
FOX CONSTRUCTIONFOX CONSTRUCTIONPhilippinesIndustrial Building Construction1M - 5MWe carry out foundation work for buildings such as condominiums, and construction of steel structures. In addition, he also works on interior finishing work and wiring work for buildings.
ENERGY FACTORS INCENERGY FACTORS INCPhilippinesHuman Resources Consulting Services> 100M> 700A company that mainly conducts construction and environmental consulting business. It also conducts business support activities such as group companies, education and training projects, and human resource development. In addition, we will also develop a “disability-countermeasure business” that conducts surveys on external evaluation and environment.
JAPAN HOME CENTERJAPAN HOME CENTERPhilippinesHome Health Care Services> 100M> 700Construct a group home “Group Home Relaxation” for elderly people with dementia. It is characterized by cooperating with medical institutions and nursing care facilities to provide care. It also manages the “home-type paid nursing home Okamoto”.
STELLAR SURVEYINGSTELLAR SURVEYINGPhilippinesGeophysical Surveying and Mapping Services> 100M> 700Conduct civil engineering design, surveying and surveying of roads, rivers, and structures. He also handles civil engineering design, construction management, and real estate registration. In addition, he is engaged in land and house surveys and residential land development applications.