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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
Times Inc.Times Inc.JapanWholesale Trade< 1M<= 100The company is engaged in wholesale of frozen seafood such as shrimp and fresh fish, as well as commercial foods such as frozen processed products and delicacies. We also handle ice cream machines and pumps used for delivery. The items handled include Norwegian mackerel and horse mackerel, as well as Scandinavian crow flounder, red fish, shishamo, sardines, Hokkaido hockey, salmon and cod. Fisheries machines include Optimar's automatic packing line palletizer, MMC roller sorter, Kalmoy's fish pump, etc. 扱い品目はノルウェー産サバ・アジをはじめ、北欧カラスガレイ・赤魚・シシャモ・イワシ・北海道産ホッケ・サケ・タラなど。水産機械はオプティマールの自動パッキングライン・パレッタイザーやMMCのローラー選別機、カルモイのフィッシュポンプなど。
Ekimae HallEkimae HallJapanCommercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance< 1M<= 100He is engaged in the operation of funeral halls and ceremonial halls, maintenance and management of buildings, public civil engineering works, and security. It also operates recycling centers and cultural facilities.
Godo Kaisha MABGodo Kaisha MABJapanMuseums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions< 1M<= 100It operates a Western-style restaurant “Kanazawa Museum” and sells arts and crafts, as well as alcohol sales.
COMPANYCOMPANYJapanFinance and Insurance< 1M<= 100Sales, repair, maintenance, and guidance of PCs. It also manages computer classrooms. Please contact COMPANY Co., Ltd. if you have any problems with your computer, such as Soka's computer company, homepage creation / management, trouble support for computer failures and repairs, various designs, and PC business agency.
Japan Global Service LLCJapan Global Service LLCJapanInternational Affairs< 1M<= 100Engages in consulting services related to overseas trade, and provides information on overseas transactions and imports of goods.
ZEROZEROJapanProfessional, Scientific, and Technical Services< 1M<= 100We are engaged in the rental of apartments and condominiums, real estate sales and brokerage, and parking lot management. In addition, we also undertake non-life insurance agency business and real estate consulting.
GK JP NetGK JP NetJapanBusiness, Professional, Labor, Political, and Similar Organizations< 1M<= 100He is engaged in the transportation and delivery of general freight vehicles and automobile parts. In addition, he conducts consulting on industrial waste collection and transportation. In addition to providing information on building materials, the company also organizes relics and storage services.
G & K K & GG & K K & GJapan33 - Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery, Computer & Electronic Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component, Transportation Equipment, Furniture & Related Products, Miscellaneous< 1M<= 100Invoke the planning, manufacturing, and sales of products based on intellectual property rights such as copyright and patent rights. In addition, he also plans and proposes environmental conservation activities.
Yokusuru CorporationYokusuru CorporationJapanManagement Consulting Services< 1M<= 100Management of community sites such as “Job Change Navigation” and “Job Consultation Navigation”. It also manages job hunting and job information sites, and provides support for recruitment. In addition, we also undertake the production and operation of websites. Thank you for visiting our website! Although I am good at it, I will challenge as many things as possible and support our customers. And as long as I work, I will definitely provide better results than the current situation. If you are interested in the services of Yokusuru Co., Ltd., please feel free to contact us. <br> Nice to meet you, your job is Yokusuru Co., Ltd.! Thank you for finding our website. Although we are good at it, we will try as many things as possible to support our customers. And as long as I work, I will definitely provide better results than the current situation.
G & GG & GJapan49 - Postal Service, Couriers & Messengers, Warehousing & Storage< 1M<= 100He conducts planning and management of training, seminars, and symposiums related to training. It also conducts consulting on building maintenance and management, mail order sales, and staffing services.
G & GG & GJapanOther Telecommunications< 1M<= 100He conducts planning and management of training, seminars, and symposiums related to training. It also conducts consulting on building maintenance and management, mail order sales, and staffing services.
Godo Kaisha SEISGodo Kaisha SEISJapanAccommodation< 1M<= 100Mainly engaged in formwork construction. It also manages museums and ryokans.
Taisha companyTaisha companyJapanProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services< 1M<= 100He is engaged in carpentry work, obi construction and formwork work. It also undergoes the management of cram schools and real estate sales.
B. IB. IJapan32 - Paper, Printing & Related Support Activities, Petroleum & Coal Products, Chemical, Plastics & Rubber Products, Nonmetallic Mineral Products< 1M<= 100In addition to manufacturing and selling stone materials, we also perform commissioned processing such as engraving and cutting.
IzaIzaJapanInformation< 1M<= 100Buy and sell land and rent apartments. He also conducts consulting on real estate, product planning, and insurance agency services. In addition, he also works on the management of restaurants and coffee shops.
P & P CorporationP & P CorporationJapanOther General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing< 1M<= 100He is involved in the manufacture and sale of paper containers and prototypes. We also undertake business management as a trading company. In addition, we also provide information provision services using the web and group companies.
Kyodo NewsKyodo NewsJapanData Processing, Hosting, and Related Services< 1M<= 100It operates digital broadcasting stations, and is characterized by consistently providing broadcasting, research and broadcasting. He also manages web media.
Eco-KEco-KJapanWelding and Soldering Equipment Manufacturing< 1M<= 100We undertake the manufacture of steel structures such as trestles. In addition, we are engaged in real estate sales and communication sales.
Life Chemicals Co., Ltd.Life Chemicals Co., Ltd.JapanPharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing< 1M<= 100A company that sells and manufactures industrial chemicals, mainly inorganic and organic chemicals. We also undertake sales of reagents, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and so on. We also handle wastewater treatment chemicals and reagents for livestock farms.
HiguchiHiguchiJapanCoffee and Tea Manufacturing< 1M<= 100The company sells and wholesales coffee beans. Also, raw coffee beans are roasted. In addition, he also manages cafes. It is a home-roasted coffee specialty store that handles specialty coffee and sustainable coffee, with 4 stores in Gifu prefecture. We purchase top-level raw beans according to quality standards around the world and roast them to maximize the individuality of the beans.