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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
INF LIMITEDINF LIMITEDAustraliaNonmetallic Mineral Product ManufacturingMainly engaged in the sale and rental of real estate, and the management of buildings and group companies. In addition, he also works on motorcycle repair and automobile maintenance.
INFORMATION ALIGNMENT PTY LTDINFORMATION ALIGNMENT PTY LTDAustraliaComputer Facilities Management Services1M - 5MHe is engaged in the provision of information on the Internet and the development of systems and software. In addition, we also undertake consulting for group companies.
INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL SERVICES PTY LTDINDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL SERVICES PTY LTDAustraliaTemporary Help Services< 1MHe is engaged in staffing and staffing mainly in manufacturing and technology. In addition to staffing to manufacturing sites such as automotive parts, it also supports the dispatch of general workers.
INDUSTRY CURRENCY PTY LTDINDUSTRY CURRENCY PTY LTDAustraliaPortfolio ManagementWe sell and sell securities, stock index futures, and foreign currency denominated products. In addition to stock index options and options, it also deals with options such as futures trading such as stock index and foreign currency denomination. In addition, he also offers market research and asset management proposals.
INNOVATE ONE PTY LTDINNOVATE ONE PTY LTDAustraliaTelecommunicationsHe is engaged in the sale of medical hygiene materials, health equipment, and deodorants. It also provides information provision services and medical consulting.
THE CONTENT COMPANY PTY LIMITEDTHE CONTENT COMPANY PTY LIMITEDAustraliaPostal ServiceA company that plans, produces, and distributes manga content such as “Marine Diary” and “Marine Appraisal”. It also manages Internet media such as “Marine Diary” linked with mobile phones. In addition, he is also involved in the management of correspondence education systems using manga.
INNOVATIVE GLOBAL IMPORTS PTY LTDINNOVATIVE GLOBAL IMPORTS PTY LTDAustraliaFinance and InsuranceA company that develops and manufactures high-precision bearings for use in automotive, industrial machinery, and medical devices. We have a track record of developing cutting blades such as stainless steel bearings and aluminum bearings. The company also develops new fields such as sliding system parts and electronic components. Contact Us After many years in the import /export area of bearing supply, Global Bearing Imports P/L was established in 1996, to offer the industry an independent supply chain to all bearing users. We have many years of expertise in the area of sourcing and supplying difficult to identify and locate bearings of all types to the industry as well as competitive pricing of quality bearings through the ZEN Brand. We offer a superior service and reliability to meet your needs, for both large and small enquiries. Global Bearing Imports look forward to being of service to you. Contact Details Global Bearing Imports Pty Ltd 4/2 Elliot Place Ringwood 3134 Phone: (613) 9879 1199
INDUSTRY MEDIA GROUP PTY LTDINDUSTRY MEDIA GROUP PTY LTDAustraliaEducational Support ServicesHe undertook the management of the group companies and engaged in the provision of information related to the company's services.
INN BETWEEN WORLDS PTY LTDINN BETWEEN WORLDS PTY LTDAustraliaMarketing Consulting ServicesA company that manages business hotels, hot spring inns, and lodging facilities. As a main business, he is engaged in the operation of “Hotel Hatta” and “Hotel Hatta”. We also undertake the management of restaurants and onsen ryokan.
INSIGHT INNOVATION INDUSTRIES PTY LTDINSIGHT INNOVATION INDUSTRIES PTY LTDAustraliaMarketing Research and Public Opinion PollingA company that conducts sales and sales promotion consulting for IT and home appliances manufacturers. We also undertake data analysis and human resource development consulting for manufacturers. In addition, we are engaged in product development and sales support for the automotive industry.
INFORMATION PRESS PTY LTDINFORMATION PRESS PTY LTDAustraliaFacilities Support ServicesHe publishes and sells specialized papers related to civil engineering and construction. It also provides information about the construction industry or for the purpose of providing information to companies.
INDIGENOUS FISHERIES FORUMINDIGENOUS FISHERIES FORUMAustraliaAgriculture, Forestry, Fishing, HuntingWe are engaged in aquaculture and wholesale of freshwater fish such as tuna and bonito. The company also processes and wholesales seafood processed products, including squid and mackerel.
SOLUTIONS MEDIASOLUTIONS MEDIAAustraliaEducational ServicesHe is involved in the planning, development and operation of web content, such as providing information using the Web. It also provides support for web marketing and sales promotion. In addition, he also works on the production and sale of video content. In addition, he also undertake the development of computer systems and dispatching workers.
ASHLANA PROPRIETARY LIMITEDASHLANA PROPRIETARY LIMITEDAustraliaSecurities and Commodity Contracts Intermediation and BrokerageDigitizing and providing information for building materials such as laminates and ceramics. It also conducts wholesale of contact lenses and mineral products.
INDEPENDENT VISIONINDEPENDENT VISIONAustralia10M - 100M500 - 700It is a company that manufactures and sells AV equipment for broadcasting, such as multi-display systems and digital record systems. It also handles medical devices such as video transmission systems and medical monitor systems. In addition, the company also imports and sells professional audiovisual equipment.
GROW FOUNDATION LIMITEDGROW FOUNDATION LIMITEDAustraliaClothing and Clothing Accessories StoresThe company is engaged in the cultivation and sale of plants such as styrofoam and trees. It also sells seeds and seedlings such as olives and loofah. In addition, we are working on the cultivation of fungus beds such as shiitake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms.
IDENTITY MAGAZINEIDENTITY MAGAZINEAustraliaAdvertising AgenciesHe is involved in the planning, editing, and production of publications such as company information magazines and free papers. We also plan and produce advertisements and websites. In addition, we will also promote sales of products, etc.
INDUSTRIE DISCOUNT RETAIL PTY LIMITEDINDUSTRIE DISCOUNT RETAIL PTY LIMITEDAustraliaJewelry StoresIt operates discount shops, convenience stores, and supermarkets. He is also involved in the management of restaurants and franchise chains.
IMPACT MECHANICAL MAINTENANCEIMPACT MECHANICAL MAINTENANCEAustraliaAppliance Repair and MaintenancePerform maintenance of machinery and equipment in factories. In addition, he also handles air conditioning management and cleaning operations in buildings.
INSTRUMENT DESIGN TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDINSTRUMENT DESIGN TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDAustraliaProfessional, Scientific, Tech. ServicesWe design and manufacture electronic equipment, measuring equipment, information and communication equipment, and industrial equipment from prototype to mass production. In addition, he also designs and manufactures molds using 3DCAD.