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Last updated: 01/10/18

What Is BizDirect Asia?


BizDirect Asia (“BizDirect”) is the B2B companies and contacts data portal of Asia.


Thousands of users trust BizDirect every day. BizDirect is by and far the industry standard, trusted by SDRs and recruiters in Asia region


Why Choose BizDirect?


The key differentiating factor for BizDirect is the comprehensiveness of company data for Asia and accuracy of our data. The system is built on high scale data mining network with the combination of 3rd party data providers that bring you a comprehensive view of any company in Asia in one single platofm. Our science is better and the results speak for themselves


Here are some metrics about our data:


You can search information (including Linkedin, emails) for about 50+ million professionals in real time.


These professionals work for at least 17 million companies across 16 countries in Asia


For 80% of these companies and professionals, we can find at least one email address.


BizDirect is trusted by most of the leading organizations in Financial Services, Logistics, Software, Consulting, International Trade across Asia.


What is BizDirect used for?


BizDirect is used by salespeople, marketers, and recruiters to optimize their lead generation efforts by providing them access to a vast business contact database and numerous sales intelligence and prospecting tools.


BizDirect platform equips sales professionals with tools to help with territory planning, lead scoring, prospecting, targeted outreach, and more. From a marketing perspective, BizDirect can help companies understand their ideal customers and target companies who visit their websites in real time.


For larger enterprise companies, BizDirect offers an API that gives customers access to the BizDirect database for enhanced control over the data they receive. Businesses can customize the solutions they need and use them within existing workflows to increase productivity and generate more revenue

Where does BizDirect collect data from?


BizDirect gathers its data, insights, and connections from more than 10,000 sources and 17 million company and 50 millions contact records, using multiple data gathering methodologies to take advantage of the strengths of each. The data is curated from many different types of media: news, specialty data vendors, social media, web, crowd-sourcing, and more. Our reputable sources include: corporate filing authorities, local credit agencies, LinkedIn, Facebook, user input, and many more.


How does BizDirect collect its data?


BizDirect obtains the data for its Public Profiles in several ways including:

  • Proprietary machine learning: automated machine learning constantly views corporate websites, press releases, news articles, corporate filings, job postings, and other online sources for data about industries, locations, revenue, and other company attributes. Targeted keyword algorithms help further focus the searches, while the system also looks for technographic information on 17 million site domains each day.
  • Human Research and verification: Machine learning alone cannot verify millions of data points, so an in-house human research and development team focuses on continuous improvement of the database. The team’s meticulous efforts verify algorithm performance; grow data about contacts, funding, and conferences; and unearth inside information about companies that can help sales teams get ahead of prospective buyers.
  • Third party data providers: Trusted, third-party sources supplement automated data aggregation to glean information from public companies, merger and acquisition activity, government data sources, and social media feeds.

How is BizDirect different from other data/list providers and professional networking sites?


BizDirect is the only B2B data provider to deliver the powerful combination of data, insights, and connections. We are more than a data provider; we are a technology platform that provides data and intelligence solutions to solve sales, marketing, and customer data management challenges. Our comprehensive B2B company and contact data is the most reliable in the Asia region


How often does BizDirect validate its company/contact data?


BizDirect’s data is updated frequently. Some data updates happen in real-time, while others are dependent on the update frequency of the underlying data sources (daily, weekly, and monthly updates). For example, social profiles, contact emails, business news are updated in real-time whilst other data such as financial performance, key people, website, etc. are update monthly or quarterly.


What if I find information I know is wrong?


While BizDirect’s technology is the primary reason for our industry-leading data quality, no dataset can ever be 100% accurate. Data simply changes too fast. Which is why we provide a way for users to submit corrections or requests for research using a “Wrong Info” flag on every company and contact record.


Each flagged piece of data is hand-researched, validated, and augmented with additional data elements by a BizDirect data team member


What if I can’t find a company or contact I’m looking for?


BizDirect is committed to delivering data, insights, and connections that are relevant for B2B commerce, while reducing data “noise.” To achieve that, we focus on providing contacts that are key decision-makers and influencers, and companies with five or more employees. Non-manager roles, very small businesses, branch offices, and franchises are generally not included in our data.


We deliver company and contact information for all public companies worldwide, and most private companies with five or more employees, with strongest coverage in the Asia markets — where we have almost 90% coverage.


Still, if you would like to add a contact or company (and are unable to find the company when you view results), you can do so easily by sending us an email with the details. BizDirect validates each submission before publishing.


Is BizDirect’s data equally accurate around the countries?


The simple answer is No. BizDirect delivers real-time information about B2B companies and contacts around the world. Relatively speaking, you will find more data from Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Japan than other countries. This is because data sources from these countries are relatively less mature, meaning there is less data available and what is available often doesn’t meet our standards for reliability. The result is that our data volume in these countries is low, so quality can be maintained and you can have confidence in our data.


As new data sources become available, we will continue to expand our coverage, when we can do so with confidence.


What value does BizDirect’s data and intelligence provide versus what is freely available on the web?


Company research on the web is very time consuming, can give you conflicting and inaccurate results, and is lacking many kinds of data we are able to gather from non-web sources. In addition, human research cannot keep up with today’s organizational changes and business issues, a problem we solve with our algorithmic technology that can do so in real-time.


Bottom line: BizDirect saves you time, provides more complete, reliable, relevant data and insights, and alerts you to business triggers, so you can take action in a confident and timely manner. The result is larger, faster pipelines, more effective engagement, higher win rates, and increased revenue.


Is BizDirect data legitimate?


Yes. BizDirect only aggregates business-related data of a company (address, website, key people) and people (work email, social profile, position, etc) from publicly available sources or through our third party data providers.
Information of this type is different from more sensitive information like browser history, health or financial information, or any other information about a person in a family or household capacity - which BizDirect does not collect or share.
For some personal data i.e. work email, phone, social link, the search is conducted in real time whenever there is a request through a network of 3rd party services providers. We do not own or process this data. 
We have internal processes dedicated to proactively monitoring our data and research practices to ensure alignment with all relevant data protection and privacy laws, such as GDPR.
If at any point an individual wishes to have their information removed from BizDirect’s database, they may do so by contacting us via our public privacy policy.

How Do I check out all feature of the platform?


You can sign up and check out all the features of the platform for FREE:

  • Sign up for a FREE account at https://platform.bizdirectasia.com/register
  • Once activated, you can login and try searching
  • Complimentary credits are given for you to try 
  • The free account will be limited in term of search request, profile views and search result views
  • To gain the full access to database, you can upgrade to PRO account
  • With the PRO account, you will have full access to the database and additional credits to export
  • If you have any questions please feel free to email us at contact@bizdirectasia.com

I'm Seeing The Message “Not Enough Credit“?


You can view how many credits you have left in your account anytime.


If you have exhausted all of your credits and would like to get more, you can upgrade your account by going to the 'Pricing page and selecting a plan that works for you or top-up your credit, also in that page


If you are still seeing the message, please send an email to contact@bizdirectasia.com and someone can assist you further.


Is A Lookup Credit Used When No Email Address Is Found?


No. For our subscription plans that use found lookup credits, when a result is returned as 'Email Not Found' no lookup credit is applied!


How Is A Request Counted?


Currently, we have 2 types of requests:

  • Export request: only for export company details to .csv and cost 1 credit per records. For export of people list/ employees list, it is free of charge
  • Email finder/ verifier request: each request to find or verify an email cost 0.3 credit and only be charged if an email is returned

If you are on a monthly plan, your lookup will be deducted from your monthly allocation.

Is BizDirect free?


While the full BizDirect platform is not free, we do provide a free access to our business and complimentary credits for you to search


Do you offer a trial?


Yes, we do. Simply request for the Demo from our website, one of our representatives will get in touch with you to help set up the free trial for you.


How much does BizDirect cost?


BizDirect pricing is customized per customer based on the data of countries activated and billing package they wish to use, as well as the number users they want to give access to


Request more information on our Pricing page. A Sales representative will reach out to you to discuss your business’s specific needs


What types of payment do you accept?


We accept all major credit cards e.g. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and PayPal. All of our payments follow USD pricing. We use Paypal to securely process all of our only payment


Can I renew my current monthly subscription?


Yes, you can. You can renew a monthly subscription any time. The credit and the new expiry date will be added on to your current credits and days balance


Do you have any cancellation fees?


No. We do not have any cancellation fees. You can cancel whenever you want. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you won’t be billed again.


If I cancel my plan early, will I be refunded a partial amount?


No. In this case, when you cancel your plan, you will still have access to the perks of your subscription until the end of the subscription cycle, upon which your account will be reverted back to the free account.

Did Not Receive OTP Email?


Our system generally sends the verification emails immediately. But it may take up-to 10 minutes to receive them. If you've waited 10 minutes and you did not get a verification email, please try the following:

  • Check your Spam Folder
  • Double check your email address

Sometimes an email address may have been misspelled by mistake. Please double check that your email address is typed in correctly. If it is typed in correctly, you can simply ask for the verification email to be resent.


If it is misspelled, please change your email address. A new OTP email will be sent to the new email address.


Blocked by mail server


If you've tried all of these steps, and still haven't received an email from us, our emails are probably being blocked by your email server. In this case, you will need to speak to your system administrator to rectify the issue.


You can also send an email to contact@bizdirectasia.com from the email address used to create the account and someone can assist you.


Do You Support Team Accounts?


Yes, you can now link multiple seat subscriptions together for centralized billing and account management

For more information on Team Plan options and pooled lookup credits please email us at contact@bizdirectasia.com


Can I Schedule A Demo For My Team?


Yes, if you would like to schedule a BizDirect demo for your team, please send an email to contact@bizdirectasia.com with the subject line: Team Demo Request and someone will reach out to you to coordinate! 

This information will help us to provide you with the best information for your use case as quickly as possible. Thank you!

How do I remove myself from BizDirect?


If you wish to remove your existing individual profile from BizDirect’s database, visit Privacy Center. If you make this choice, all information contained in your profile will be removed and your record will become unavailable in our products as soon as possible. By law, we must verify your identity as part of the removal request.


When I Create An Account, Will My Email Address Be Shared Or Exposed?


The information that you register with, is kept confidential and is never shared or displayed within search results on our site. All information displayed on BizDirect is publicly accessible information. Learn more about how BizDirect gets its data.


How Did My Profile Get On BizDirect?


We know that you care about how your personal information is used, and we respect your concerns.


Our service used by professionals to find other professionals. It is designed to open opportunities for you by connecting you with your next job, career opportunity or customer. To this end, we've created a professionally focused search index which you are a part of. This index is generated from publicly sourced data in a similar fashion to search engines like Google and Bing.


Our Company and Professional profiles are generated by tying together pieces of data using learning algorithms. By connecting the dots in this fashion, we're able to derive an accurate composite profile to allow opportunities to find you.


Your profile is your resource. You control the information on it in terms of what and how much surfaced. At any point time you may update or remove your profile from BizDirect use our "Claim Your Business" link.