Explore list of 1361 Software Companies In Singapore


Explore list of 1361 Software Companies In Singapore

What are the types of software companies in Singapore?

Software companies in Singapore are often separated into four main categories: programming services, system services, open-source, and SaaS (Software as a service). 

  • Programming Services - this division has historically been the most significant which involves giants like Microsoft Corporation. These corporations often founded solutions to demands by businesses on data researching, storing, and organizing; or offer programs to operate machinery.
  • System Services – Grew quickly in the period of 1960s - 1970s, then exploded within the 1980s with the development of private computers (PCs) and consequently the demand for an encompassing OS like Microsoft’s original disk OS (DOS) that was begun in 1981.
  • Open Source – programming or software engineering has become an enormous in-demand profession with the expansion of the web, cloud systems, and businesses willing to venture more willingly into open-source environments like the Linux OS. Open source refers to a codebase that was created and is liberal to acquire. Nevertheless, most businesses demanded changes made to the codebases to suit their needs. Another open-source codebase is the Android OS.
  • Software as a service – with the increase of cloud computing and therefore the movement of most businesses large and little to the cloud, SaaS has become more popular than system software for businesses' specific needs. This software is stored on the producers' servers and clients reach the software through the web, also named the cloud.

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How do software companies in Singapore get projects?

It’s believed that software companies in Singapore often get projects from two main platforms: Product based, and Services based. 

If the corporation chooses the Product based, then it's their business strategies and ideas with logical marketing techniques and promotions. It's going to be e-commerce, educational, trade, industries, etc.

Now if the businesses choose Services Based, this comes with some complex tasks and a touch harder thanks to running the corporate with including success ratio and market stability. The Product based company is additionally not predictable with the market fluctuations, but compared to product-based companies, service-based companies need to regularly upgrade their business algorithms and techniques. 

For startups, if they are going through the freelancing side, it is often beneficial for their organizational growth, also building worldwide communications with business networks and large clients. In this way, they will consistently build their business networks and drive their organization within the successive path slowly and steadily they will be stable within the markets.

How many software companies are there in Singapore?

TechTIQ Solutions is among leading software companies in Singapore

Considered as among the leading software companies in Singapore, TechTIQ Solutions always makes bound to perform cost-effective developments that are still high in quality.

They are bound to involve their clients within the process as satisfaction is that the aim of their business. They’ve encountered customers from various fields, like banking, transportation, health, and media, so you recognize that their experience is vastly extensive.

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TechTIQ is one of the best software companies in Singapore

TechTIQ Solutions’ services include, but aren't limited to, Custom Software Development, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Software Development, Web Design and Development, IT Staffing, and Mobile App Development.

Founded year: 2017

Revenue: <1M


When it involves software, Singsys has become well-known for its excellent ERP solutions. With Singsys's well-designed platform and advanced control, transaction organization is processed simply, fastly, and accurately, letting your business grow progressively.

Singsys's well-designed platform and advanced control

Singsys's well-designed platform and advanced control

Their solutions will assist you to manage the payroll, attendance, and inventory system of your business. They’ve worked with prominent global enterprises like Olympus, Fujifilm, HOOQ, Samsung, Cisco, and lots of more — proving that they will do the simplest software development for you!

Founded year: 2009

Revenue: <1M


Codigo is an award-winning company that has been continuously recognized for its innovative mobile apps that specialize in enhancing user experience and managing business operations with fast and convenient processes.

They specialize in creating web and mobile platforms, accessible through all operating systems. they supply competent solutions helping you manage all the activities of your business.

Whether you would like a management system for logistics, service providers, or reward programs, they need a full range of ready-made and customizable platforms, leaving you with the simplest software development in Singapore.

Founded year: 2016

Revenue: <1M

Originally Us

Originally Us has been featured on tons of media publications for developing websites and mobile apps for well-known companies like Zalora, Resorts World Sentosa, and more.

The main highlights of their work are mobile apps that helped many users find employment, look for the closest stop, and be updated on traffic flow. With such products in their resume, you recognize that they need all the solutions that you simply need.

Founded year: 2014


Titansoft is one of the best software companies in Singapore

Titansoft is one of the best software companies in Singapore

Titansoft is an expert in developing software and maintaining online platforms. This involves project management systems, system performance supervising, subscriber accounting systems, and so on.

They are specialists in performing cloud solutions to improve business productivity, versatility, and security. They also ensure that every platform is user-friendly and meets the demands of every task.

Founded year: 2005

Revenue: 10M-100M

AB4 Systems

AB4 Systems helps big organizations and funded startups develop meaningful digital experiences for his or her audiences. At AB4 Systems, right from the beginning, they specialize in two things: your product and therefore the relationship with you.

They wish to assume technical and merchandise responsibility and deliver a world-class experience to your audience. They create meaningful software products for their customers’ audiences and that they are driven by the impact and value created for the people we work with and aim to be world leaders in our field. 

Founded year: 2015

Calvin Seng Co

Extending your business online may be a smart move, but it is often made even better if you employ the services of Calvin Seng Co. The corporation specializes in online marketing and web solutions, making simple designs that are eye-catching yet easy to see.

Calvin Seng Co is one of the biggest software companies in Singapore

Calvin Seng Co is one of the biggest software companies in Singapore

The owner of Calvin Seng Co owns over a decade of experience with entrepreneurship and technology. The company has worked with various brands and popular businesses from everywhere the world– they welcome all businesses with open arms.

Founded year: 2017

Robust Tech House

Robust Tech House is deemed the best software developer in Singapore. Their comprehensive process in building each application is surprising. What starts as a thought of yours will become a masterpiece with their help.

The creation process is criticized and checked thoroughly, with final testing being conducted before the merchandise is handed over. They pride themselves in having high standards in commission, ensuring good communication and styles made with diligence and keenness.


Vouse believes that no two problems are equivalent, which results in nonidentical solutions also. They are bound to create a customized project for each of their clients, using ideas that are unusual yet rewarding.

Vouse is a robust foundation for their creations

Vouse is a robust foundation for their creations

As engineers, they know the impact of an excellent design on a business, so that they maintain a high level of performance in everything they are doing. Their knowledge is usually up so far, which successively becomes a robust foundation for his or their creations.

Founded year: 2016

Revenue: <1M

Octal Info Solution

Octal Info Solution has built numerous digital platforms for businesses in diverse industries. Their team of developers and designers have a wide technical expertise and this includes their professionals doing the simplest software development in Singapore.

Through analyzing the scope of your business, they are bound to build an application service that’ll perfectly suit your needs and provides a dynamic user experience. 

Founded year: 2015 

Is the software industry growing in Singapore?

The software industry is predicted to continue fostering when a number of the most important Silicon Valley giants, including Amazon, Apple, Dell, and Visa, are hiring in Singapore. Technology companies, big and little, are using Singapore as a launchpad for the region.

Besides, land company Colliers International noted that Singapore was only second to Bangalore for companies looking to determine and expand their operations in Asia. “As Singapore continues to rework into an innovation-led, high-tech economy, it'll remain a compelling business destination for global technology firms,” notes Ms. Tricia Song, Colliers’ head of research in Singapore.